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Petsitting for Charley

IMG_0827Petsitting for Charley! Charley has special needs and has had a delicate time of it, but he’s a wonderful boy and gets along with everyone. That’s a great thing, since his family is enjoying some much needed time away on vacation.

Charley has a condition called Megaesophagus meaning enlarged esophagus, which makes eating and drinking a challenge. He’s been keeping food down well, but today we had issues with water–drinking had upsetting results on his stomach, regardless of his special vertical eating and drinking arrangement.

He’s enjoying the ice cubes we’ve been giving him. This keeps him hydrated and helps him keep his food down. Necessity really is the mother of invention. 😀

Charley’s family loves him very, very much, we can see that, and we’re pleased to be able to care for him while his family gets some time away.

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